This is our submission to Game Off Game Jam 2021!

In Bring Ur Glam you play as Salette, a drag queen coming out of retirement to save Rio de Janeiro from a mysterious soldier invasion.

Customize Salette to your liking, collect power ups, fight fabulously, but don't forget to BRING UR GLAM!

Bring Ur Glam was made, with lots of love💕, by:


Play online directly on this page!

Known limitation: clicking outside the game, in some browsers, might glitch your game. Oops, we're working on it

For an improved experience, download the executable and play locally.



"Explosions In The Sky", by Jim Hall (CC BY 4.0 -

"The Contra Chop", by Jim Hall (CC BY 4.0 -

"Please Stay", by Jim Hall (CC BY 4.0 -

"Changes", by Jim Hall (CC BY 4.0 -

"Bipolar Bear", by AzureFlux (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 -


"Dogica", by Roberto Mocci (SIL Open Font License 1.1


"Controller & Keyboard Icons" by Brestin3 -

Special thanks to Túlio Leão, who said it first: "Bring Ur Glam!"


Download 30 MB

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